The StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1

The StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 series interactive whiteboards bring finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity of design and solid surface with the latest interactive technology.

Their finger-driven features and multi-touch gesture capabilities make StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 intuitive for anyone...


Hitachi LinkEZ2-Pen

The StarBoard LINK EZ2-Pen portable interactive unit from Hitachi allows you to turn any regular whiteboard or a wall into an interactive area with all features of an interactive whiteboard.

The system is delivered with 2 reflective pens allowing control of all PC’s operations directly from the interactive area. Unlike the most of ...


The StarBoard WT-1

Paired with StarBoard interactive whiteboards, the WT-1 is the ultimate wireless teaching tool.

The StarBoard WT-1 is a lightweight tablet that connects wirelessly to your computer from up to 30 feet away. With the tablet in hand, you can control applications, annotate over documents, and highlight important details from anywhere in the room.


Sahara Whiteboard Speakers

32 Watt Amplifier with three USB inputs for Interactive Whiteboard and connection of other equipment to a PC or Notebook

The system has secure wall fixings and steel mesh grille as added protection in the Classroom Inputs are included for PC and DVD or VCR Supplied with all cables including USB and speaker connections